Tie Knot (DVD & Gimmick) by Lee And-Hsuan

Tie Knot is derived from the classic magic "Cut and Restored Rope". Lee adapts the techniques used in Cut and Restored Rope for the handling of the tie, and make it possible to be performed both in close-up and on the stage, resulting in better and more interesting effects.

Every Tie Knot includes: A set of gimmick and tie, instruction DVD, and booklet.

"With Tie Knot I have a visual routine around my neck that can be performed any time. It packs small and plays big - fantastic!"
- Timo Marc

"When I saw Anson performing Tie Knot at TMA, I liked it immediately. It is a great way to perform a strong and visual routine with no magic prop. It is clearly designed by a professional magician to be performed in real life whether you are in front of 20 or 800 people. The quality of what you get also proves it. Tie Knot will go straight to my repertoire!"
- Boris Wild

Tie Knot (DVD & Gimmick) by Lee And-Hsuan
Tie Knot (DVD & Gimmick) by Lee And-Hsuan
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Tie Knot (DVD & Gimmick) by Lee And-Hsuan

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