Fun! Fun! Fun! It's an ideal children effect for the five year olds upwards!

The effect: A child is selected to come and assist the entertainer. Whilst he/she stands at your side a single cards is shwon depicting a picture of an object and this is openly shown to the audience O N L Y ! You tell them that it will be match EXACTLY another card that will be chosen in a moment by your helper. The card is cleanly placed, without suspicion, into in open fronted houlette and remains on display in full view!

Then your helper is given a choice of ten cards from which to make his/her choice. The audience see that every singe one in THE SAME as the picture in the houlette. How can the entertainer lose? The helper indicates where he wants the packet of cards cut to, and selects his chosen card. When asked what card he has chosen, he replies that he has a picture card but you and the audience discover that it is entirely different to the one expected!

Fun, consternation and amazement at this stage. The entertainer however, not to be outdone and fail, mutters the magic word and when the child takes the picture out of the houlette IT HAS CHANGED TO match his selection! All the other cards can be examined if necessary!

Picture Fun
Picture Fun


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Picture Fun

You receive a neat wooden houlette, the two force cards and the other card all of them ! 

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