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Treasure Trove of Tricks

ca. 14 x 21 cm, 290 S., Magic Limited, oakland, California, USA, 1971, gebunden This is the kind of magic book I hoped to discover when as a youth I took up the hobby of magic. But I never seemed able to find such a work. The tricks in the volumes I did find possessed certain drawbacks, at least from my standpoint. I wanted tricks that once made up did not require a lot of "get-ready" or preparation but which could be performed at a minute's notice. ... Since all of the tricks in this book are my own original creations they will have the added attraction of being new and novel and therefore your onlookers will be seeing somenthing different and unique. You may not wish to perform all of the tricks I have described but I feel confident. that those you do select and perform will please and selight your audience and be source of satisfaction to yourself.

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