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The World`s Greatest Magic

32 Master Magicians Performing Their Most Mystifying 23 x 29 cm, 207 S., Tree Communications, Inc., 1979, farbiger Schutzumschlag, fest gebunden "As artist we have never looked better", says The Amazing Randi. Here is magic as it has never before been presented, seen through the eye of the camera and the writer in a close-up, multidimensional portrait. Randi proudly calls it "a new standard for the presentation of my art". No two magicians are alike. These fabulous characters are joined together in a craft that may be history's oldest, and their different personalities are beautifully defined by their acts. ... Five major illusions are laid bare complete with illustrations and explanations, including Houdini's Walking Through a Brick Wall and The Vanishing Horse and Rider, plus ten magic tricks the reade can do, as taught by The Amazing Randi. An Egyptian papyrus tells us that there were magicians in 3766 B.C. ...

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