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The New Magician`s Manual

Tricks and routines with instructions for expert performance by the amateur./ ca. 17 x 25 cm, 142 S. + 16 pages of magic apparatus, Dover Publications, Inc., New York, broschiert Here is a magic book that is more than just a book on magic. It has pages that can be cut out to make apparatus for actual tricks, as well as complete instructions for these and other tricks - a total of 36 tricks fully explained and illustrated! Simple to perform yet effective in presentation, these tricks can all be performed informally with a small group of friends. They require only common objects or material that is easily obtainable: matches, coins, playing cards, safety pins, and the like. With this book the beginner will be able to perform professional tricks within hours, while even the experienced amateur will find new tricks and new ways of doing old ones. The author draws upon a lifetime in professional magic for his expertise. Not only is Mr. Gibson well-known as one of the best writers about magic; he was also long associated with Houdini, the Thurstons, and other great magicians of the past.

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