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Second Time Around with Roy Johnson

ca. 15 x 22 cm, 84 S., A Goodlife Publication, 1971, gebunden

Between these pages lies another selection of practical, entertaining magic designed for stage or cabaret, close-up or off-the-cuff impromtu occassions. No book can be full of "Plums", but this one has a good crop - the R.J. Sponge Ball Routine or On the Slate - a miraculous transposition of two chosen designs, for example. Read and chuckle at the audacity of the R. J. treatment of a classic card routine, or open your act with scintillating rhyming patter to a trick with a spotted can and two silks, or build yourself a practible table, or work the most logical Seven Keys routine extant, or...or...but why go on? Open the book and take a magical journey ...


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