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Party Magic from the Magic Castle

ca. 16 x 24 cm, 233 S., J. P. Tarcher, Inc., Los Angeles, 1980, gebunden Nothing can light up a party like magic, and no magic is more apt to create that electricity than the contents of this book. Here are over 100 of the best party magic tricks as selected and performed by the masters of magical entertainment who make up the membership of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. These are the best of what they call in the trade "commercial magic" - tricks that have passed the test of originality and entertainment even at the Magic Castle, where it isn't easy to please the most sophisticated magic audience in the world. It's all here: astounding card tricks that can be done over the telephone; spirit and seance tricks requiring a minimum of equipment; mind reading, as well as some of the great old and a number of the greatest new card, handkerchief, coin, and bill presentations. Perfect party entertainment. There's close-up magic and stand-up magic, and it's all taught with step-by-step instructions, illustrations, and patter. It's as close as you can come in a book to having a master magician at your side.

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