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Mathematics Magic and Mystery

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115 Diversions, Magical Tricks Arising From Mathematical Principles. Topological, Geometric Vanishing Tricks, Cards, Dice. Fresh! Original! For Everyone Interested In Numbers, Mathematics, Magic!
ca. 13 x 21 cm, 174 S., Dover Publications, Inc., New York, erstmals veröffentlich 1956, aber neuere Ausgabe

This is the first book-length study of this fascinating branch of recreational mathematics. Written by the foremost expert on mathematicak magic, it summerizes, with considerable historical data and bibliography, all previous work in this field. Non-technical, detailed and clear this volum contains 115 sections discussing tricks with cards, dice, coins etc; topological tricks with handkerchiefs, cards, etc.; geometrical vanishing effects; demonstrations with pure numbers and many more!!! No skill at sleight of hand is needed to perform the more than 500 tricks described.