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All the Secrets of Magic Revealed

The Tricks and Illusions of The World's Greatest Magicians. Contains 30 Full-Page Original Pen and Ink Illustrations Exposing the Tricksters' Secrets./ ca. 16 x 24 cm, 144 S., Lifetime Books, Inc., Hollywood, Florida, USA; 1994, gebunden

Now the curtain is pulled up! The cat's out of the bag as we are taken behind the scenes of many of the world's all-time greatest magicians! ALL THE SECRETS OF MAGIC REVEALED unveils what magicians have feared for centuries. Revealed are the closely guarded secrets magicians have protected succesfully - until now. Magicians forbid those working near the stage from disclosing the secrets they observe. However, what was witnessed up close is now exposed! Even the most talented magicians will learn a few tricks and gain further insight on how the art is practiced. A good magician never reveals his secrets. This book's unauthorized publication shows what happens when great magician's tricks - and personal lives - are exposed.

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