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Unclamped. Live in London

Nur noch ein Exemplar vorhanden!Nur noch ein Exemplar vorhanden! **

Inhalt: Wayne's Version of the Classic Tossed Deck, The Invisible Deck, The Famous Vent Routine, I Swear, Snakes, 3 Choice, Teach, Passage of Time. - engl. DVD

Aus der englischen Beschreibung: Join your host Wayne Dobson live at the Magical Circle, London, in this unique DVD presentation. For the first time on video Wayne explains in detail, the secrets behind his favorite routines. In-between the routines listen to one of magic's funniest storytellers and as Wayne takes you on a journey through his life in magic and showbusiness. But be prepared as he pulls no punches ... This DVD is not for the fanithearted! Contents include: WAYNE'S VERSION OF THE CLASIC TOSSED DECK - See why Wayne's version will promise you a stronger and more powerful reaction than ever before. THE INVISIBLE DECK - Wayne teaches you a version that requires no special cards, but uses just one gimmick that does all the work for you. THE FAMOUS VENT ROUTINE, I SWEAR - A Spelling Routine with a difference. Strictly for adults only! SNAKES - A self-working card prediction that anyone can do! 3 CHOICE, TEACH, PASSAGE OF TIME.

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