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The Virtual Maigican

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Marco Tempest
DVD, englisch, 122 Minuten
limited edition DVD

Marco Tempest
DVD, englisch, 122 Minuten

In this limited edition DVD of the second season of Virtual Magician, you get two 52 minute specials, packed with 37 new magic routines and 9 tricks you can learn to perform yourself. Plus the 18 minute "making of," feature with exclusive behind the scenes footage and crew interviews not shown anywhere else.
Each program explores the New York underground of magic, featuring some of New York's most up and coming young magicians.
Viewers experience a fun and insightful virtual journey through a 3D graphical New York complete with new interactive DVD magic you can experience at home.

Featuring 15 special guests:
Magick Barclay
David Condon
Eric Goldfarb
Scott Hitchcock
Kostya Kimlat
Ryan Oakes
Ashley Springer
Maritess Zurband
JB Benn
Angelo Carbone
Joseph Kerr
Andy Roberts
Asi Wind
Meir Yedid