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Daryl's Card Revelations, Volume 4

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DVD, englisch, L&L Publishing, 2001, Laufzeit: 66 Minuten

DVD, englisch, L&L Publishing, 2001, Laufzeit: 66 Minuten

Englische Beschreibung:
Have you ever wondered what are the most effective ways to reveal selected cards? Here you will learn 36 fascinating ways to conclude your pick a card routines and all are taught by one of the true masters of card magic. World Champion magician, Daryl shows you exactly how to make that dramatic revelation and bring each of your card routines to a stunning conclusion - leaving your audience baffled and in awe of your magical powers! If you perfect any one of these mysteries you will have yourself a top-notch reputation maker!

New Era Card Through Handkerchief
A Direct Stab (Karrell Fox)
Pivot Revelation Method #2 (Bruce Cervon)
Fillip (Bruce Elliott)
Righting a Wrong
Dual Discovery
Riffle Shuffle Flip Over
"Heavy Weight" Flip Over Card
The Card Through the Magazine
Card Between Plates (Daryl)
Card on the Forehead
The Controlled Cut (Al Baker)
The Geiger Counter Card Trick (Jerry Andrus & John Cornelius)
My First Gun (Daryl)
The Revolver Card (Richard Himber)
Quadruple Pivot Out (Daryl)
TV Aces
Best Card in Pocket
Lazy Man's Card to Pocket (Jack McMillan)
The "Easy" Card to Pocket
The Card and Cigarette Case
Card on Seat (Daryl)
Kangaroo Card (Matt Schulien)
Any Number Up
Sandwich #1 (Daryl)
It's in the Book (Karrell Fox)
Selected Card from Spectator's Pocket
Card in the Eyeglasses (Daryl)
Mindreading with any Assistant
Direct Card to Pocket
Sandwich #2 (Ed Marlo)
The X-Ray Knife
Card in the Mouth
Rising Cards from Envelope (Pete Biro & Bill Severn)

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