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The Prize-Winning Magic of Jean-Pierre Vallarino.

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Sprachen: Englisch, Französich.

Aus der englischen Beschreibung: L&L Publishing is proud to release the 1991 FISM gold-medal award winning act of Jean-Pierre Vallarino entitled "Champagne". More recently, one may have caught Vallarino on the World's Greatest Magic television show performin his exquisite manipulation act done close-up. Watching Vallarino is like watching a carefully coreographed ballet of his hands. This may, in fact, be the most important thing the viewer can take from this DVD - the beauty and importance of carefully coreographing and placing care on all of your actions and hand movements. Even the simple act of opening a card box and removing a deck of cards was done gracefully and with precision. Vallarino focuses his close-up ballet on cards, coins and champagne glasses which are produced along the way. The act consists of three parts. The first segment opens with a stunning change of a card to a coin, a one coin sequence, a change of the coin to a jumbo coin, a change of the jumbo coin to a bill, and finally the circle is completed with the change of the bill back to the single card. Every piece is carefully choreographed into the next. Of particular interest is a change of a bill into a signed card while the bill is clipped and isolated at the end of a pen or marker. The second sequence focuses on cards and coins. It consists of a production of four coin, a vanish of the four coins and their instant appearance under one card, a reverse matrix with one card and four coins, a production of a glass og champagne, and finally a change of the coins into a deck of cards. The reverse matrix was quite stunning and will find wide appeal. Finally, Vallarino focuses primarily on a deck of cards with a double production of two glasses of champagne to end his act. Included in this section are a couple of very nice and deceptive card controls entitled the "Staircase Control" and the "Bermuda Triangle Control". These will most likely become more widely used and spawn variations. Vallarino teaches an important lesson in ellegance and choreopgraphy of the hands and props. Here is the chance to learn some lessons that will make your magic better no matter what your style while enjoying the gol medal award-winning close-up act of Jean-Pierre Vallarino.

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