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The Digital Max Andrews Magic Magazine

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Digitale Version des Magic Magazines mit Info-Heft. Sprache: Englisch.

Aus der englischen Beschreibung: Here on one CD-ROM is the entire five years of THE MAGIC MAGAZINE published by Max Andrews. The first issue appeared in April 1952 and the final issue on September 1956. this was one of Britain's leading magazines and, although it was a house magazine for Max Andrew's Vampire Magic business, it was packed with outstanding magical contributions from the leading magical creators of that exciting period. Here on this disc you will find all 1,492 pages of the magazine and you can flip from page to page with great ease. Amongst the many contributors are George Blake, Eddie Joseph, Robert Harbin, Ken Brooke, Richard Himber. Eric P Wilson and Hank Vermeyden. A booklet accompanies this CD-ROM and can be found inside the CD case.