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Reel Magic Episode 9 (Richard Turner)

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DVD English, Februar 2009


Caught on Tape: Richard Turner 
Kozmo talks with Richard Turner about his remarkable life 


Garrett Thomas Try This At Home 
The shell is tougher than you think 

Simon Lovell Simon Said It! 
Combining comedy and magic 

David Kaye/Silly Billy Kid Show FUNdamentals 
Don't get stung by a sucker trick 

Jon Armstrong Small Things, Big Difference 
Finer points of the classic force 

Wayne Kawamoto Choice Cuts 
It takes muscle to review the best new DVDs 

David Regal Tricks of the Trade 
Tricks that make him go WOW! 

Bonus Tricks: 

John Van Der Put "Thinking of you" 
from Out of the Routine published by Alakazam Magic 

Cameron Francis "In-Tens" 
from Killer Close-Up published by Big Blind Media 

Steve Dobson "The Otherworld Poker Hand" 
From The Works published by The Magic Baker 

Move Monkeys: 

Aaron De Long "Displaysia" 

Jason Dean "Kelly Bottom Pop Out Move" 

Magick "One Card, One Box" 

Running Time Approximately 2hr 07min

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