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Make Amends

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The instant ´Flash´ restoration of a signede playing card,

Wayne Fox; engl. DVD, 48 Minuten

Englischsprachige Produktanküdigung:

Do you like 'T n R' effects but the performing environment will not allow the long piece by piece routines?
Are you concerned about how angles will work?
Well, Now at last, with 'Make Amends' the spectator signs a playing card that gets torn into quarters and placed in a pile on the table. The magician, now taps the corner of the card box on the pieces and INSTANTLY the card restores.
The box and signed card are left on the table to be examined. With many varied ways of performing the effect, you are even able to execute the restoration in the SPECTATORS HANDS.
Once again, Wayne Fox has taken a classic effect of magic and changed it to suit a working environment.
This more accessible method allows the freedom you need to concentrate on making the effect unique to you.

•A genuinely free choice of card!
•The card is shown in four separate pieces!
•No long piece by piece routine!
•No angles to worry about!
•Instant repeat!
•Perform surrounded!
•No set up!
•Ends clean with everything examinable before and after!
•All props supplied, complete with instructional DVD!

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