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Mac Donald´s Ace

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World´s Geatest Ace Trick
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An absolutely KILLER card trick!
You can now learn the secret that has made the reputations of many card magicians! When it comes to "Ace Assemblies" (effects in which the Aces are vanished and then reproduced), the MacDonald's Aces effect has proven to be the most legendary and popular routine in magic history!

Master magician Gerry Griffin makes this effect easy to learn as he teaches you all of the moves and subtleties that you'll need to know to perform this classic of magic. You'll be performing this effect like a pro your very first try!
Here's how it goes: The Aces are placed separately on the table. A random number of cards are placed on top of each Ace. When each pile is picked up and the cards counted, it is discovered that the Ace in each pile has vanished. For the big finish, the vanished Aces have miraculously regrouped together in the last pile!

And this even comes with the SPECIAL extra cards you need!