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Easy to Learn- Rising Card

Nur noch ein Exemplar vorhanden!Nur noch ein Exemplar vorhanden! **

engl. DVD mit Gimmick

Englischsprachige Produktankündigung:

You get BOTH the instructional DVD and the gimmick!
Incredible! Learn to perform an astounding card magic routine- the Rising Card- with your OWN DECK!
Imagine being able to control a playing card- and make it rise out of the deck at your command!
The detailed instruction on this DVD will teach you how to set up your own gimmicked Rising Card, how to properly handle the gimmick for the ultimate performance, AND it will teach you a BONUS routine called the Haunted Card!
But wait- you'll ALSO get a supply of the special gimmick you need to make the trick work!
To do the tricks shown on the DVD, you need an ordinary deck of playing cards, which is NOT INCLUDED.
Contents of the DVD:
  • The Basic Routine
  • Setup and Handling Technique and Tips
  • The Haunted Card Routine

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