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A.E 2.0 - Peter Eggink

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DVD, englisch.

Peter Eggink erklärt seine sehr visuelle 2-phasige Durchdringung eines Geldscheins mit einem Bleistift. Der Geldschein und der Bleistift können entliehen werden.

DVD, englisch.

Aus dem Klappentext:
The magician borrows a money note from the spectator. The note is folded in half, and a pen or pencil is placed in the fold. Instantly and visually, the pencil penetrates through the note, right through the centre. The pencil is once again placed inside the fold of the note, but this time the pencil melts through in slow motion! This is so visual, it's like watching a movie special effect! Of course, both note and pencil remain unharmed!

Key points to keep in mind:
Can even be done with a borrowed pen or pencil!
Perfect for table-hopping and walk-around performances!
Perform it surrounded!
Extremely visual!
It's easy to do, and it uses a diabolical, clever method that even fools magicians!

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