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The Encyclopaedia of Children's Magic

21 x 26 cm, 414 S., Copy Number 215, The Supreme Magic Co., England, 1991, gebunden ohne Umschlag.

"Children's entertainment is a lucrative branch of the magic craft. Birthday parties, Summer Season shows, Christmas and New Year events, outdoor fetes and galas - the list of venues is endless.
Here in this hefty tome, professional children's entertainer and inventor of magical effects, Ian Adair, reveals all. The first section covers many aspects of the business side of preparing and selling a show. Then there's good solid practical effects and routines. Tricks and routines suitable for all age groups. Sucker tricks, participation effects, rabbit productions, comedy routines and bits of business. The material in this encyclopaedia has never been published before, the effects being the originations of the author, he having performed them hundreds of times before child audiences with tremedous success."

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