Strongman by Jimmy Strange (Metal Bending)

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Strongman is a new method for visually bending metal that is easy to do and super practical. You can use Strongman on its own but it is the perfect accompaniment to any metal bending routine.

Strongman by Jimmy Strange (Metal Bending)
Strongman by Jimmy Strange (Metal Bending)


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Strongman by Jimmy Strange (Metal Bending)

With Strongman you will be able to show your spectators a solid nut and bolt, they can feel it and check it, it is solid, yet at any moment you can make the bolt bend as if it were made of rubber. You can even hold it and have your spectators rub the bolt and cause it to bend, they actually feel it melt with no effort whatsoever. It can then straighten back to its original state leaving your spectators dumbfounded and wondering if all they saw was actually real. Instantly the bolt is solid again, the spectators can feel this. All of this is done with NO SETUP AND NO SWITCHES.

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