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C4: CapCuts

Nur noch ein Exemplar vorhanden!Nur noch ein Exemplar vorhanden! **

Capaso Casino zeigt verrückte Kartengriffe! Cuts, die Sie leicht in ihr Programm integrieren können! Sprache: Englisch.

Sprache: Englisch. Aus der englischen Beschreibung: Craziest Card Contortions ever Created. Why learn yet another card trick, When you can Double the Impact of the ones you are already doing? So, you're a card man who is hungry for more than the old rehashed crapichino? Great! Because in C4: CapCuts you'll find "some of the most eye-boggling card moves around." What you won't find is anything to do with : Coins, thread, rubber bands... Just cards and pure sleight-of-hand. NOW we're getting somewhere! Here is what you'll learn on Cap Cuts: DVD Chapters: 1) Intro 2) Transitions 3) Z-cut 4) 1 card popout 5) B.R.S 6) 5 faces of Sybil... 7) Porcupine 8) Bridge Cut 9) Hexagon Cut 10) Octagon Cut 11) Line Cut 12) Line Cut Deluxe 13) The CapCut

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