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Malini and his Magic

16 x 23,5 cm, 107 S., L & L Publishing, USA; 1999, gebunden mit Umschlag (leichte Gebrauchsspuren rückseitig)


The life and magic of one of the most extraordinary men in the entire history of magical performance, Dai Vernon, with the help of Lewis Ganson's masterful editing, has skillfully interwoven biography with fully-detailed explanations of the fabulous magic performed by this fabulous character.

Max Malini (1873-1942) performed privately and publicly before Kings, Tycoons, and many Heads of State. His performances were in enormous demand. The reasons why, are all explained in these exciting and informative pages!

Dozens and dozens of tricks are explained, including the legendary Coin Game. This is one of the cutest impromptu tricks to fool magicians and laymen alike for many a long day! And you can do it immediately with no sleight-of-hand involved!

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