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Lovey Duck

Nur noch ein Exemplar vorhanden!Nur noch ein Exemplar vorhanden! **
An engaging tale and quality props make 'Lovey Duck' a trick that is hugely popular with a young audience.
Produce from a toy cottage, a cute duckling which every day, without fail, goes for its little walk. But, on the day of your act, it turns out badly. Just as the duckling is about to re-enter his cottage, it is startled by a big cat. A frenetic chase ensues, the duckling takes refuge inside the small hutch, but the cat jumps back in as well. The upshot is as logical as it is unpleasant. When you open the roof of the cottage, the children only see the cat inside. The duckling has vanished and the feathers on the back of the cat are a telltale sign. It has eaten 'Lovey Duck'!
When you, a few seconds later, open the cottage again, there's a large egg inside. Suddenly, the egg, for a second or two, is seen to wobble - there must be something inside! The shell cracks open and ... sure enough, the duckling re-appears, none the worse for its ordeal.
A fantastic routine, heavily charged with emotions and with a very high level of participation from the young audience. The magic effects are visually stunning and are practically automatic.
Optisch ein paar Mängeln - daher ein vergünstigter Preis 

Wir liefern zwei Erklärungen mit: eine in englisch, eine deutsch (Kellerhof)

desweiteren erhalten Sie von uns:

eine Holzhütte 31 x 25 cm

ein loses, schwarzes Tuch an einer Holzleiste

eine Katze

ein großes Ei

zwei Enten 

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