The Big Finish (an elmwood exclusive)

Richards, Paul, Sankey Magic

This new release from Elmwood Magic is actually two different card tricks. In the first trick (created by Jay Sankey) a card is selected. The magician attempts to find it but can only narrow it down to four cards. These four cards are turned face up and placed on the table. They form a jumbo image of the selected card.

The second effect (by Paul Richards) has an effect similar to Phil Goldstein’s “B’Wave.” The magician holds a packet of four cards and tells the spectators that they are the four kings. A spectator now decides on one of the kings. When the four cards are turned over and dealt face-up on the table, they form a jumbo image of the designated king.

There’s nothing wrong with the Sankey effect (although I have the feeling that this is not a new idea, but I can’t quote a previous source), but I have been performing the Richard’s version with a great deal of success. I would suggest that you use Paul’s “afterthought” suggestion and incorporate a half-pass rather than the non-manipulative technique described in the basic instructions.

You receive all the necessary cards to perform both tricks. “The Big Finish” is a nice quick trick whose effect is way out of proportion to the work involved.

The Big Finish (an elmwood exclusive)
The Big Finish (an elmwood exclusive)


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