Spot The Difference (Text&Diagrams)

Leveridge, Mark

‘Find The Lady’ and ‘The Irish Three Card Trick With Four Cards’ have long been favourites with magicians, but I have to admit that I have always felt they suffer from too much repetition and a lack of a real punch finish. Also, there is no emotional hook in the presentations, no reason for the audience to feel involved or interested in the outcome, and as a result I am fairly sure that some spectators just switch off as the magician proceeds to go through endless minor variations on the same theme.

SPOT THE DIFFERENCE seeks to put right the weaknesses of those other effects. Firstly, instead of the presentation being just a monologue about some supposed occasion when the magician saw a con game being played out, the audience are actively involved in making decisions, decisions which appear to give them the chance to win some money! Secondly, the money on offer does not belong to the performer, but to one of the spectators! The magician is therefore trying to retain the money for the spectator, NOT for himself. I feel this is better psychology and keeps interest alive. Thirdly, one of the elements of the presentation actually gets all the audience involved in making certain sounds, an activity which causes much amusement. And finally, the trick ends in a totally unexpected and magical fashion to bring it to a strong conclusion.

Spot The Difference (Text&Diagrams)
Spot The Difference (Text&Diagrams)


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