A pack of cards can be examined and is genuinely shuffled by a member of the audience. The pack of cards is placed into a clear plastic houlette with dekorative colour trim. The deck is removed and it is clearly seen that the holder is of transparent plastic... 

.. there is no roomto conceal anything there .... 

The shuffled pack is replaced, backs outwards. Now, one at a time, the playing-cards are removed from the houlette, and at any time the spectator can call "stop".

You are holding one card - when you turn  a large slate or backboard on which you had previously made a prediction around, it is seen that your prediction is 100% correct!



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1) Clear plastic houlette

2) Playing Card which has been gimmicked and has a black surface

3) Matching decks of cards 

4) A number of duplicate cards.



Auf dem Foto zu erkennen ist die 'Verarbeitung'. 

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