Perfect Bend


The Magic Depot highly recommends Perfect Bend by Erez Moshe. The performer picks up a spoon from the table, holds it at his fingertips, and concentrates. Slowly, eerily, and methodically the bowl of the spoon begins to bend until it is at a 90-degree angle! So far, nothing original, right? Until you take that very same spoon and display it in its bent position, dropping it on the table!

  • No special set-up or chemicals!
  • Completely self-contained!
  • The gimmick is nearly invisible!
  • Perform it completely surrounded!
  • Instantly repeated without reset!

Ein Internetlink zur deutschen Erklärung ist vorderseitig auf der Produktschachtel aufgeklebt. 

Perfect Bend
Perfect Bend


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Perfect Bend


  •  2 Löffel (ein Gimmick-Löffel und ein verbogener Löffel)

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