While shuffling a deck of cards, the magician asks a spectator to name any one of the four aces. Without looking, he states that he will quickly reach into the deck and extract the called for ace!

The magician turns away from the deck and quickly removes a card which he throws face-up on the table. Oops! It’s a joker! “I thought I had removed the jokers” he says. He fans the cards towards himself and removes a second joker, tossing it face up on the table with the first. He then removes a third joker, then a fourth, fifth, sixth, etc., until there is only one card remaining in his hand.

Pointing to the large pile of face up jokers he says, “There, I’ve removed the jokers.” He then reaches into his hand and extracts the lone card, the only ace in the deck, and it’s the one the spectator named!

Note: This great effect is virtually sleight free and any ace can be named. No force required.

A wonderful hilarious card trick with a magical finish!

One Ace Trick
One Ace Trick


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