Effect: SAM DALAL has come-up with a most novel effect and has given it to ‘Supreme’ as a British Exclusive! Well-made. – you’ll say it’s quite fantastic! The performer explains that although he knows many tricks, he never uses them at the gaming table. Except once …

It so happened that he was at the Casino playing Roulette and he had just lost a thousand. and had only three Chips worth £3 left. He was sure there was something ‘fishy’ about the game, so for once he broke the rule and used some magic! The performer removes from his pocket three chips each depicting ”1”. All three chips are shown on BOTH sides.

“I asked one at my neighbors to lend me a £500 chip. ” He displays a different colored chip showing 500 on BOTH sides.  “I put my three chips together and placed the borrowed chip on top. I tapped the chip and recited my magic spell , and all the chips were now £500 chips. I returned the borrowed chip and I had £1500 which I promptly cashed and went home.” The performer shows that all the three Chips have now changed to “500” on BOTH sides . The original chip is of course still there. American magicians will refer to $1 and $500 …. it doesn’t make any difference

The trick is virtually self-wor ing …. No skill or sleights , no phony moves when showing the chips. An extraordinarily good trick.

Magician at the Casino
Magician at the Casino


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Magician at the Casino

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