This is a clever idea of Karl Norman's that's a variation and adaptation of Three Card Monte with four cards for use with children.

Four Jumbo cards are shown (18x11,5).... three top Hats and a Bunny. One card is set aside and two remaining Hat cards are shown along with one Bunny card. The spectator is asked to follow the location of the Bunny card as the three face-down card are mixed-up.

The three cards are turned face-up and shwon to all be Hat cards while the card previously set aside is shown to be the Bunny. The process is repeated a socond time with the same result. Finally it is all repeated one last time but this time the card set aside turns out to be a Hat vard and the magician is now holding THREE BUNNY cards. 

The Bunny And The Hats
The Bunny And The Hats


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