Aces In Their Faces (Booklet & Karten)

Kohler, Bob

Check this out, both Ricky Jay and David Copperfield are making this trick part of their performances! You can be doing it to with little practice. This should cause you to buy it alone, but let me give you the run down. This is the best four assembly effect that I have ever seen. What's even better it's easy to perform, and it resets instantly. This is what you do, you take out a deck of cards and show them to be all face down. You make a magical gesture and show the Ace of Spades now face-up on top of the deck! The deck is cut and squared up and magically, the remaining three aces also turn face-up! These cards are now placed on the table in four separate packets. The aces, "with ease," magically migrate until they all appear together in one packet! Have you heard enough yet? OK I will give you some more info. Well let's hear from some of the professional's, not an geek like myself.

Aces In Their Faces (Booklet & Karten)
Aces In Their Faces (Booklet & Karten)


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