Ice Cream Schtick by Terry LAGerould

A playing card is selected. The performer introduces and freely exhibits a miniature ice-cream stick. A penny suddenly appears on the ice cream. The penny is dumped off the ice cream into the performer’s hand whereby it vanishes from his hand and surprisingly reappears again on the ice-cream stick. The performer melts the chocolate coating with a little friction between his fingers and thumb as the vanilla ice cream under the chocolate reveals the identity of the selected card. The vanilla image then disappears.
This is a very cute paddle effect that uses a unique principal besides the traditional paddle move!
Props: A 1943 copper plated steel penny
A magnetic coated miniature ice-cream stick
A sheet of typewriter correction paper 

Ice Cream Schtick by Terry LAGerould
Ice Cream Schtick by Terry LAGerould


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Ice Cream Schtick by Terry LAGerould

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