CORKER Magic Trick Item has been used but is in as new condition. What They See: The performer shows a hinged plastic holder. A playing card is shown that has a square hole in the centre. The card is inserted into the holder at right angles to the holder.A cork is shown. This is dropped through the set up securing the card.The performer says, "There is An old saying, 'You can't put a round peg in a square hole' if you do a strange thing happens".He pulls the card from the holder, penetrating the cork! The effect is repeated once more. The card is tossed onto the table in front of the spectators as he says, " The card is O.K., the corks O.K., and the holder is Just the same as when we started."The performer goes into his pocket and brings out another card with a round hole through it's centre.He says, "The strange thing is when we have a round peg and a round hole, the reverse happens".The card is now pushed into the holder, penetrating the cork.The performer asks a spectator to cup his hands together and says, "There's one thing I can't understand, I know we've pulled a card through the cork and I know we've pushed a card through the cork - what puzzles me is how we can push the cork through the card".Performer poises the set up over the spectators cupped hands. He pushes the cork straight through the card and holder into the spectators hands!!Everything can now be examined thoroughly.

Corker by Man Magic
Corker by Man Magic


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