This effect is the closer of Craig's competition act and it's a really nice Paul Harris-esque idea. At the end of an Ambitious Card routine, you show a piece of cellophane and make it shrink-wrap itself around the entire deck of cards. The shrink-wrapped cards can then be handed out for examination. You then take them back and visibly pull the signed card from within the cellophane.

As a final kicker the spectator is asked to put the deck away and finds that the box that has been in full view the entire time is now shrink-wrapped as well and there is no way to open it.

The thing I like about it the most is the structure of "here's a climax ... and if that wasn't enough ... here's another ... hold on tight folks, here's another climax etc etc!"

As there's no real reset, it would make for a nice walkaround effect. You could even give someone the card box to hold onto and then have the biggest climax happen in their hands.

This is an inexpensive effect with well-made props. It's a clever idea and an innovative plot.



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