Jumping Jelly Beans / Springende Geleebohnen

Lewis, Eric, Kaye, David

This routine is based on "tricolor" an effect by Eric Lewis, published in his book A Continuation of Miracles. The routine and presentation and patter was created by one of the best kids entertainers in the business today. Not only is this a strong magical effect, but it also has lots of fun audience involvement, and a presentation that encourages sharing between children.


Two children are invited on stage. Three yellow jelly beans are placed one by one in a yellow bag, which is held by the first child - then three in the pink bag held by the other child - and finally three in the purple bag held by the performer.

After some byplay one jellybean is removed from each bag, shown and replaced, to establish which colors are in each bag.

Then the magic happens.... .

Each bag is shown to hold only ONE bean of each color!

Jumping Jelly Beans / Springende Geleebohnen
Jumping Jelly Beans / Springende Geleebohnen


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Jumping Jelly Beans / Springende Geleebohnen

Mit englischer Anleitung im Original. 

Einer Anleitung in deutsch - und jeweils 3 pinkfarbenden Bohnen, drei liafarbenden und drei gelben. 

Einen Beutel in den Farben pink, lila und gelb stellen Sie aus Ihrem Fundus. 

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