Effect: You explain to your audience that you love card tricks, but the decks take up too much space in your pocket. But you recently designed a new box that solves the dilemma... you now display a box of card literally folded in half!

The audience ca see the cards inside each half of the box as you openly show the how the two halves are hinged togehter.

The card box is unfolded to form a complete box and held openly in your hand. 

You now open the lid and pull out a regular deck of playing cards! The card are totally normal and you're ready to perform your favorite card trick!

Jay Sankey's 'The Folding Deck'
Jay Sankey's 'The Folding Deck'


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Jay Sankey's 'The Folding Deck'

You receive a very special card box! The card box has been altered and a custom manufactured gimmick has been added to make this effect possible. 

Kartenbox Bicycle blau!

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