Gone Fishin' by Roddy McGhie

Unlike any magic trick you've ever seen, a fish you draw on a glass of water COMES TO LIFE, leaving its bowl and swimming around IN THE WATER. Finally, as if that wasn't crazy enough, you pluck the little cutie out of the water and THROW it onto the card your spectator has been tightly holding onto THE ENTIRE TIME.

This is one of Roddy's reputation makers. A miracle that gets GASPS and talked about LONG after he's done. For the first time ever, he's teaching it.

THE PERFECT PARTY TRICK is one that requires NO TALKING. Whether you're at a loud bar or an intimate dinner party, this is one illusion they'll NEVER forget even if you do in absolute silence.

Gone Fishin' by Roddy McGhie
Gone Fishin' by Roddy McGhie


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