Doug Malloy's Mental Card Cube Mystery

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The magician gives the spectator a die. The spectator chooses any number on the die and places the die in a small container. (Let's say he picks the number five.) The small container is placed inside another container, which is then placed aside.

The magician next removes four cards from a small black envelope, each card bears a large pip representing a card suit. The four cards are mixed and dealt face down. The spectator selects one, for example, the heart pip. The magician now asks what the selected number on the die was. The spectator says, "five," and this is verified.

"Combining the number five with the heart pip gives us the Five of Hearts," says the magician. The spectator is asked to pick up the black envelope and remove the contents. There is one more card inside. It is the Five of Hearts!

Doug Malloy's Mental Card Cube Mystery
Doug Malloy's Mental Card Cube Mystery


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Doug Malloy's Mental Card Cube Mystery

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