This unique gaffed card can masquerade as a Jack of Hearts and then become the Jack of Spades. After the change, the full face of the card is displayed. 

Comes with an 8-page, full color instruction booklet measuring 8 ½" X 5 ½". The booklet includes details on handling the card and a description of three different effects using the card:

  • A two-card transposition where the spectator knows with certainty what card the magician has and what card they have. Only they find they were wrong. 
  • A Three Card Monte trick where the money card is the odd colored card, only at the end the odd color is a different color altogether. 
  • A single card that is shown to be Spectator #1's card AND Spectator #2's card. And, yes, they selected different cards.


Double Agent
Double Agent


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