George Schindler is well know for his use of seemingly everyday objects, his Chop Cup routine using a Coffee Mug is very entertaining. This mug is perfect for performing any chop cup routine with what appears to be an ordinary thermal plastic coffee mug-magic with an ordinary object. One problem with a regular chop cup is it looks like a magic prop. This mug will pass the closest scrutiny and it will perform all chop cup moves flawlessly-a ball vanishing and appearing as if by magic under any ordinary, everyday mug. 2 Balls are included as well. 

Chop Cup Routine
Chop Cup Routine


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Chop Cup Routine

Höhe: 9 cm

Durchmesser: ca. 8 cm

Farbe: blau

englischsprachige Erklärung / 4 Seiten / A5

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