You place three little brass covers beside each other on the table. A big red chip is placed under the middle one and one coin each under the two remaining ones. The audience is asked to keep an eye on the chip. Slowly you moce the three brass covers around. The audience has to guess under which cover the chip is. No matter how good they are, they can't tell the position of the red chip. 

After the audience starts to doubt there eyes you offer to make it easier. On top of the cover under which the chip is you play a red dice. Again the brass covers are mixed up and member of the audience is asked where the red chip is. Sure enough he will point to the brass cover with the dice on the top. It is unreal but the audience is wrong again. 

When the cover with the dice is lifted the surprised audience sees a coin under it, the chip is gone. 

The coins as well as the brass covers can of course be examined. 

Automatic Chip Monte
Automatic Chip Monte


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Automatic Chip Monte


3 brass covers

2 brass chips with colored inlays (red)

1 dice (strong magnet inside)

You will have to supply three non magnetic coins

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