Alien Autopsy by Jim Pace & Steve Dobson Four differently colored alien faces appear and disappear one at a time between pictures of earth and space. Then, with a wave of the hand, the four cards with aliens change to four "green immigration cards"-which then magically change into the aliens again, this time all four at once! For the finale, all four cards are shown to have once again changed into photographs of the infamous "alien autopsy."Comes complete with all of the necessary, full-color cards and detailed, fully-illustrated instructions.

I like it a lot this Effect, become now a classic

All that is required is the ability to perform the Elmsley count. I've been performing this one for years and it has never ceased to amaze and astonish. The cards are laminated, artwork and color beautiful and extremely visual.

The cards are really great, durable and with good graphics. My only complaint is the final reveal of aliens being autopsied, not a pretty site or a great way to end the routine. The reason I gave it 4 is because the handling is really good. By substituting kings (or any other card) with different color backs and double facers (can figure it out from the routine given) you can come up with a routine where you show each of the 4 kings with a blue back, then they change to a red back, and lastly to a green back (or any other color you want), each time showing the faces of the 4 kings.

This is a pretty rubbish packet trick. The graphics on the gimmicks look tacky and the effect isn't even that good. Shame.

Alien Autopsy
Alien Autopsy


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Alien Autopsy

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