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In a Class By Himself. The Legacy of Don Alan

22,3 x 28,8 cm, 269 S., L & L Publishing, USA; 2000, gebunden mit Umschlag

Aus dem Vorwort von Eugene Burger:

". . . Don Alan really opened my eyes to the importance of magical presentations, presentations that caught the attention and imagination of his audiences. He was a master of what I shall call "presentational choreography" - marrying our actions with our words so precisely that the result is a routine that unfolds before us, with no unnecessary steps or words. Everything, every word and every moment, had been thought through long before. When you watched a performance by Don Alan, you saw utterly deceptive magic framed with charming and thoroughly rehearsed and entertaining presentations.More than that, the plot of every one of his routines was dear and simple to follow..."

". . . With this book, whole new generations of magicians will not only disconver who originated so much of what they take for granted; but also will have the opportunity to study some of the most influential and important and wonderful presentations and routines in all of close-up magic. Thank you, Don Alan. Your magical work has been a light that has allowed so many to see."

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