Frozen in Time allows you to predict a randomly selected time with nothing more complicated than a photograph. No electronics, no complicated gimmicks. (englischsprachige Anleitung & deutsche Übersetzung)

Frozen in Time
Frozen in Time


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Frozen in Time

In the performance you explain to the spectators exactly what you have, a Lucite photo-block that holds a sealed picture of a pocket watch, inside a plastic cover. You point to it on the table. You then explain to the spectators that there are twelve hours represented on a watch and ask them to name any hour. When you remove the Lucite block from the cover, the spectator can see that when the watch was photographed, the time on the watch was the same as they predicted. The magician shows the block front and back and allows the spectator to feel the Lucite surface proving that it really is a photograph, frozen in time, stopped at their chosen time! This effect can be instantly repeated with a different outcome each time.

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