Fold Flat Head Chest / Kopfschwerterkasten

You show a wooden chest with openings in the front and back openings that you can completely through. A blindfold (not supplied) is put on a spectators so they will not witness the horror that follows. The box is put on a spectator’s head and panels close the front and back trapping the head inside. Ten daggers are thrust through slots in the chest, apparently penetrating right through their head! Ouch! Now for the real fun, the front panel is lifted off and the inside of the chest is seen to be crisscrossed with knives but NO HEAD! Just daggers and empty space their head has completely vanished.

Next you reinsert the front panel and remove all of the daggers. Remove both panels to reveal the spectator back where it belongs and completely unharmed. The chest is taken off their head and the blind fold removed.

This is one of the most popular small illusions of all times.

The spectator has absolutely no idea what happened or how the illusion works.

This folding model collapses to a compact size that can be carried in a briefcase. It can be assembled in less than two minutes and dismantles even faster.

The special gimmicks are on spring hinges that open and close automatically and silently when daggers are inserted and removed.

Fold Flat Head Chest / Kopfschwerterkasten
Fold Flat Head Chest / Kopfschwerterkasten
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