Everything Changes (Tuchfärbetrick)


The magician shows a withe handkerchief and by pushing it thru his fist the handkerchief changes color into a blue one, then into a red color, blue again and finally white. Show your hands empty all the times! Thanks to the gimmicks employ in this method you don't need to worry about hiding the gimmick.

No Dying Tubes!

Everything Changes (Tuchfärbetrick)
Everything Changes (Tuchfärbetrick)


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Everything Changes (Tuchfärbetrick)

Perform this effect for close-up, parlor magic, kids magic and more!

Comes with three (blue, red, white) handkerchiefs, an instructional DVD with full explanations about the handling and two gimmicks that will allow you to perform this showing your hands always empty!

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