Undiscovered Wonder (DVD)

Mellers, Mel

Features six jam-packed routines complete with all the gags and presentation plots you'll need.

Running Time Approximately 1hr 48min.

Undiscovered Wonder (DVD)
Undiscovered Wonder (DVD)


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Undiscovered Wonder (DVD)


Interactive Production - The perfect opening for any undiscovered wonder. Simple, Clean, and Very Easy To DO!

Thoughts in a Hat - A mind-reading routine that packs small and plays big. Watch as Mel reads the minds of three audience members with hilarious results.

Sounds You Don't Like - Make your audience scream! One of the loudest reactions you'll ever get!

Agony Aunt - The classic confabulation stripped bare. No gimmicks and you can even use a real wallet, Add this to Mel's brilliant presentation plot and this really will be the highlight of your show.

Flags - The card story with a unique twist. Not a playing card in sight. Just one brilliant routine with a truly international flavor.

Mind Reading Puppet - Can a stuffed Duck really read minds? Watch as Mel proves that they can.

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