The Lane (DVD And Props) By Mickael Chatelain

Chatelain, Mickael
A card is selected by a spectator. The card is signed on its face and returned to the deck. The deck is immediately given to the spectator who is asked to inspect it and hold the deck in their hands.
Show a sheet of stickers. Peel one of them off and apply it to the center of the Bicycle card case. (In fact, you paste it in the middle of the "Spades" image which adorns the front of the case).
All this is done right under the spectators' noses. 
Rub the case with your fingertips, touching the sticker pasted on the case. You rub, rub again and then you remove your fingers from the case. 
Unbelievable! The sticker has vanished! Show your fingers and hands empty, with no trace of the sticker. Where did it go? 
The deck has been in plain sight and held by the spectator all this time. 
Taker the deck and pass the cards, one at a time, from one hand to the other. 
Suddenly a card appears with a sticker on its back! Remove the card with the sticker. Turn the card over, and there is the spectator's signature, right on the face of their chosen card! Amazing!

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