The Stained Skin Tattoo Line was created by Ellusionist in 2005. Since the first tattoos (which were used in a promotion and were not available for sale at the time), the line was honed, expanded, and tested hard.

The DVDs introduce rising close-up star Ray Singson. Ray’s honesty with the camera and intimate knowledge of street magic made him the ideal candidate to teach this style of body magic. His mind disappears around a corner before most people know the corner is there.

The tricks you will learn in this DVD were conceived by Ray, Wayne Houchin and Brad Christian. They were taken into the street, tested hard, and polished from there.

The misconception with these tattoos is that it's just a force, and a reveal of the tattoo on your arm. Nothing could be further from the truth. The tattoos will go on almost any object... a plastic milk carton in the fridge, on a see-through water bottle, underneath the stamp on an envelope, on your hand, your body, your clothes. This is your chance to USE your imagination.

* Enter a NEW REALM of magic
* Forceful and UNPREDICTABLE
* Two volumes, each packed with over 3 hours of proven techniques and more street performances than any DVD in history
* Produced on dual layer DVD due to amount of content
* Quality rivals that of big studio DVDs
* Includes the brutally honest documentary “Hotel Diaries” of Ray Singson

Stained Skin Vol.1 & Vol.2
Stained Skin Vol.1 & Vol.2


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